Dancing on the job in Dolly Parton’s new musical about girls proving who is boss

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For anyone who’s ever found themselves drawn onto the dancefloor by the words “Tumble out of bed and I stumble to the kitchen...”, anyone who’s ever had a flicker of intense hatred for their boss, and most importantly of all, any woman who has ever experienced sexism in the workplace, this is the show for you. The fantastic and fabulous 9 to 5 The Musical, based on Dolly Parton’s hit film, follows three fierce female office-workers who turn the tables on their sexist, egotistical, lying boss.

It features original numbers from Dolly Parton’s Oscar, Tony® and Grammy Award nominated score, and while the themes of gender inequality are serious, the show is filled with fun and laughter.

Actress Jackie Clune who plays the ambitious Violet Newstead said: “What’s really lovely about this show is the three really strong female leads, and that’s very rare.

“I’m always wary of promoting the show as being all about feminism because it’s a very silly revenge fantasy. I am a feminist but I’m wary of using that word as people think it’s going to be angry and dark.”

Jackie said she has experienced sexism in her career, and now she is always cast as “the mum” - apparently the only role for older women.

She said: “In this show I am actually a mum but that’s only mentioned once at the start. My character keeps the office running but she is frustrated. She wants to get into management but because it’s 1979 and she is a woman, it’s not likely. I really warmed to her when I read the script. She is very dry.”

Dolly Parton hasn’t been to see the show yet and the cast have been told she could be in the audience any night –so you never know, she might be sat next to you.

Jackie said: “I loved the movie 9 to 5 and I think Dolly is very witty. The show is great fun and people love it.”