Going to great lengths to dig school’s swimming pool

Parents dig the pool
Parents dig the pool

Parents and staff provided an open-air swimming pool for Kingsbury School the hard way – by digging it themselves using shovels and wheelbarrows.

The picture was taken in April 1961 in the school field from the top of Meadway, with beech trees lining the downs in the background.

The pool was filled in after it began to leak in 1999 and the area was transformed into a space for environmental studies.

Today there is a pond, beehives and a badgers’ sett. Site agent Tony Cella says there are a couple of badgers in residence at the moment.

Kingsbury School merged with Queen Eleanor’s School for girls when comprehensive education was introduced. The big new establishment was given an appropriately combined name ­ Queensbury – and it’s now an academy.

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