Anger over West Street permit bays

The controversial 'pemit holders only' bays in West Street car park
The controversial 'pemit holders only' bays in West Street car park

Dunstable sales manager Bill Albone is furious – not only about the ‘permit holder only’ bays in West Street car park, but also the way the council has fobbed off his concerns about them for more than a year.

Mr Albone, 49, of Periwinkle Lane told the DG the car park has about 25 marked bays, 13 of which are reserved for permit parking.

He said: “Central Beds Council admitted to me last year that since they came into being, only two have been issued.

“When I enquired why the remaining bays had not been made available for public use, they informed me a review was under way and this would take place in March.”

Mr Albone approached the council again recently, asking why nothing had been done.

He was told the review had been postponed until October.

But what has incensed him even more is the council refused to divulge what instructions had been given to parking enforcement officers and have now said they will no longer discuss the matter with him.

Mr Albone said: “CBC are happy to fine drivers for parking in a ‘permit holders only’ bay knowing full well that no permit has been allocated to that bay. This is simply dishonest.”
He added: “Surely a council is there to serve and assist the local population – not bully and extract money from them?”

A CBC spokesman said: “We are aware that some concerns about the bays in West Street car park have been expressed and will be reviewing all of our car parks later in the year.

“We want to make sure that we take an evidence-based assessment across the whole of Central Bedfordshire before any decisions are made.”

The DG was told this review would take place in September/October. We were also told that no tickets had been issued for permit bay abuse in West Street car park although it is regularly patrolled.

Residents were warned: “It is illegal to park in a permit bay in any of our car parks. Vehicles not displaying a permit are liable for a Penalty Notice Charge.”