Animals day is a roaring success

Barnfield Vale Academy, Tails And Whiskers Day
Barnfield Vale Academy, Tails And Whiskers Day

Reception youngsters at a Dunstable academy really were wild about their animal kingdom studies in a special fun-packed day.

The children didn’t just learn all about animals – they dressed up as them, too, for Barnfield Vale Academy’s Tails And Whiskers Day.

Face-painting and costumes turned the pupils into anything from sheep to tigers.

And they were encouraged to bring in their favourite animal toy. Their lessons looked at animals with tails, whiskers, wings and scales, living in hot and cold climates. They also enjoyed hands-on artwork linked to the topic, including making penguin puppets.

There was even a chance for mums and dads to join in a competition to carve a creature out of a fruit or vegetable.

Principal Gill Ellyard said: “Fun-filled days such as these create fantastic memories and educational experiences for our children. Thank you to all the parents who created wonderful costumes and got into the spirit of the day by taking part in the vegetable-carving.”