A new route for publishing

Catherine Scott
Catherine Scott

A children’s author has had to find a different route to take on her publishing venture, after traditional ways did not work for her.

Catherine Scott, lived in Dunstable until she was 23, started writing her novel, Destiny Calling, in 2011 and finished it a year later.

The 30-year-old said: “I was getting generic responses from publishers, with no feedback and it was very time consuming. So when I heard about the website, Britain’s Next Bestseller, which is almost a mix of self publishing and getting it published, I thought it was a perfect for me.

“You have to do a lot of the advertising and marketing yourself to get the first 250 copies pre-ordered, when you reach the target you get a publishing deal. I can understand why they do it this way, it’s important that they know the book will be of interest to people.”

The book is aimed at eight to 12 year olds and deals with the themes of friendship and disability, she was inspired by the people she worked with at the care home.

She said: “I worked with people with disabilities, I learnt a lot about them and their families, I was really inspired by them.”

The book has 66 pre-ordered copies and she needs to reach 250 by Friday, September 5, to get a publishing deal.

Ms Scott added: “I’m grateful for the support because without it, the book will not be published, any one that pre-orders the book will have their name acknowledged in it.”

To pre-order a copy visit: https://britainsnextbestseller.co.uk/index.php/book/index/DestinyCalling