Caring C0-op staff and customers give Scouts a boost

Co-op presentation to Caddington Scout Group
Co-op presentation to Caddington Scout Group

Caddington Scout Group has received a donation from their local caring Co-op after a massive Christmas and New Year fundraising effort.

Scout Leader Rita Tims had a surprise phone call from village Co-op store manager Kevin Harris to tell her that generous customers had given £400 over the festive season.

The shop nominated the Scout Group as their Christmas charity and staff sold reindeer food and Santa Claus treats of mince pies. A raffle included a first prize of a £60 hamper.

Kevin said: “We run regular charity efforts throughout the year and raised £2,000 in 2013. But the Scouts were top of the list.”

Rita said: “You have no idea how welcome this windfall is. We have just been told we need to update the electrics of our 25-year-old headquarters and now we can do it and take the Scouts camping.”

Beaver Scouts Kara Morley and Charlie Morland, aged seven, were given the important job of counting out the cash donation one note at a time. The wide-eyed youngsters said: “We’ve never seen so much money before. And we had to make sure it was right.” Other Scouts who came to say thank you to the Co-op were Adam Grimes and Alex Collins ,aged 13, and Callum Shepherd and Ellie Astridge, aged 10.