Charming up a novel tradition on windy Dunstable Downs

Wind charming on Dunstable Downs
Wind charming on Dunstable Downs

Wishes written on long floaty strips of white paper wafted high into the sky above Dunstable Downs on Sunday, borne aloft on a giant kite-like structure.

Below the people who penned them took part in ritual dances and revelled in becoming the legends of tomorrow.

For they will tell their children how they dressed to look invisible – like the wind – in black, white and silver tassels and how they were the first to learn the whimsical art of wind charming.

Dunstable Wind Charming Day is now in its second year and is already whipping up a storm of interest among both locals and outsiders.

The inspiration came from French installation artist Laurence Payot who said: “The magic is that it brings people together to create something beautiful and out-of-the-ordinary, and to celebrate this special place.”

> See this week’s Dunstable Gazette, on sale on September 3, for more pictures of the event.