Chilling out on snowy Downs is a snap decision

Dunstable Downs in the snow
Dunstable Downs in the snow

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. I do enjoy a cold snap.

I don’t mean actually being out in the snow and ice. Brr.

Frosty seed heads on Whipsnade Downs

Frosty seed heads on Whipsnade Downs

No, the “cold snaps” I like are the stunning snapshots of winter wonderlands that we can share with you.

I thought you’d like to see this lovely landscape shot taken on Dunstable Downs, captured on camera by our hardy photographer Jane Russell.

The Dunstable Downs National Trust team tweeted the other striking shot featured here.

It was taken on Whipsnade Downs, by community ranger Rose Roberts, and shows dead seed heads turned into a work of art by delicate crystals of hoar frost.

Rose told me: “This was taken at about 10am this morning on Whipsnade Downs beside Chute Wood.

“The very still air and freezing mist had combined to allow crystals of hoar frost to develop – spiking out in every direction.

“I only encountered one other walker but the ground was covered in sheep, deer, badger, fox and pheasant tracks.”

Now that’s what I call a walk on the wild side.

All in all, it has been more than a little chilly lately up at the beauty spot.

In fact, @DunstableDwnsNT tweeted the other day: “We’re all good here at the highest point in East Anglia. It really feels that way at the moment – minus three degrees.”

Shiver, shiver. But it’s well worth wrapping up warmly and heading up there in wintry weather for the panoramic views over sensational snow scenes.

And even more importantly, a winter wander on the Downs means you’ll have earned a bacon butty and a hot chocolate in the visitor centre!

Anyway, no need to thank me for sharing the photos. It was snow trouble...

Fancy a beer, anyone? There will be no shortage of quirky quaffing going on at the Dunstable Beer and Cider Festival.

It’s all happening from May 10 to May 12, in Grove House Gardens, with all sorts of local ales and ciders. I’ll drink to that.

The list of ales and breweries has been published, and I had to smile at some of them.

I like the look of the Hopping Mad Brewery, and the Pot Belly Brewery sounds as if it really is out in front. That’s just two of the breweries lined up.

As for the ales, I think I’ll have a Brainstorm, take a Liberty, enjoy Balmy Days, hand over my money for a Highway Man, size up a Dunstable Giant and end up with a Mutiny.

You can check out the full list, and details of how to sponsor an ale, on the Dunstable Town Council website,

It’s all on the website - it isn’t “in-cider” info!

As I write this, there are reports of horse DNA being found in some beefburgers being sold in various UK and Irish supermarkets.

The Republic of Ireland’s food safety authority said the meat came from several processing plants, but that there was no risk to health.

Tesco was one of the stores said to have sold some of the burgers.

Oops. The Twitterati had a lot of fun at the expense of Tesco’s customer care team.

They bombarded the Twitter team at @UKTesco with cheeky tweets.

One asked: “@UKTesco, is it true you have started to stock Red Rum and is it like your normal rum?”

But @UKTesco didn’t get the joke, and replied: “I can’t seem to find anything under Red Rum. Are you able to let me know which store you shop in so I can double-check?”

My favourite from the mischievous tweets? I laughed out loud at this enquiry to the Tesco team.

“Dear @UKTesco. I am a concerned customer.

“Please reassure me that your shepherd’s pie is made with 100 per cent real shepherd. Thanks...”