Cutting back Busway noise

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Parts of the Luton and Dunstable busway will be closed overnight on Tuesday, July 1, and Wednesday, July 2, so contractors can carry out work to make it quieter.

It will be closed between Dunstable and Skimpot road from 8pm on both nights, the busway services will be using Luton road (A505) instead.

The decision to reduce the noise comes after a meeting involving Luton council, noise consultants and potential suppliers.

It was agreed to plug the gap between the beams by using a flexible material to fill the gaps, which seems to be the cause of the noise.

Councillor Dave Taylor, said: “Some residents living close to the busway have said they are being disturbed by noise. We know this filler has been used successfully in multi-storey car parks.

“We will be monitoring noise levels before and after the filler is installed.

“The two night installation will give us one day with filler on the horizontal beam but not the vertical kerb, which could be useful in helping us to analyse precisely what is causing the problem.

“If this solution is successful and reduces the noise experienced by residents living close to the busway, we will be installing filler on other sections of the busway as appropriate.”

Road closure signs will be in place at both ends of the work.