Easyjet announces plans for 2,500 new jobs at Luton Airport

easyJet and London Luton Airport have struck a 10 year deal
easyJet and London Luton Airport have struck a 10 year deal

Budget airline easyJet has announced that it will create 2,500 new jobs in the town- if the expansion of London Luton Airport is agreed.

The firm has struck a 10 year deal with the airport as it looks to increase its operation from four million to nine million passengers a year.

This spike would bring with it 2,500 new jobs, but is dependent on plans for the expansion of London Luton to be given the go ahead.

Luton Borough Council agreed the increased in capacity from 12 million to 18 million passengers a year, but the government are now reviewing whether the council can give this consent as it owns the airport.

Carolyn McCall, chief executive of easyJet, said: “The speed of easyJet’s expansion at London Luton is in part reliant on the airport’s plans for much-needed improvements being approved.

“Those improvements will unlock the airport’s potential by improving the customer experience of the airport while also increasing the numbers of passengers flying to and from London Luton.”

The new deal between easyJet and the airport brings immediate growth, as the airline looks to increase its capacity by 20 percent over the next year.

Glyn Jones, managing director of London Luton Airport, welcomed the agreement.

He said: “easyJet is our largest airline partner, accounting for 45 per cent of all passengers using the airport. We see this as a real vote of confidence in London Luton Airport and its future.”

“The creation of new jobs, the opening up of new routes and the increased frequency of flights to popular destinations is great news for the entire local region.”

Campaigners Hertfordshire Against Luton Expansion issued concern over the deal.

Andrew Lambourne said: “Extra jobs and benefits to passengers have to be balanced by effective actions to reverse the increasing noise trend at Luton Airport.”

“These are not unreasonable demands.”