Family grateful for charity help

Zofeya during her treatment. Photo by Noemi Dorgu

Zofeya during her treatment. Photo by Noemi Dorgu

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September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and people across the country will be raising money for CLIC Sargent, which supports families with children who have cancer.

One of the families helped by the charity is that of five-year-old Zofeya Dorgu, from Kensworth, who was diagnosed with medulloblastoma, a malignant brain tumour, in July last year and has had to undergo brain surgery and intensive chemotherapy.

Zofeya and her older brother Malacai. Photo by Noemi Dorgu

Zofeya and her older brother Malacai. Photo by Noemi Dorgu

Zofeya’s family appreciate what the charity has done for them as they have supported them throughout her treatment.

Mrs Dorgu said: “CLIC Sargent have been amazing. They have always been there, especially in the beginning. Children’s cancer is hard to understand, it just hits you and it’s a real blur.

“They sent out a social worker to us. She was always there for us, she was there to support us, to listen to us and answer any questions. She became a real friend, she was really amazing.

“The hardest thing was helping Zofeya to understand what was happening to her. They gave her a book.

Zofeya. Photo b Noemi Dorgu

Zofeya. Photo b Noemi Dorgu

“It was a story about a little girl who had a brain tumour and that really helped her to understand.”

Lynn Lewis,who is on the Kensworth Village Hall Committee, said: “After hearing about Zofeya, I asked people through the Facebook group Spotted Kensworth what they would like to see happening and the majority of people who commented voted for an ’80s disco, so really my aim is to do something good for someone, while hopefully creating a bit of community spirit.”

There will be an ’80s disco at Kensworth Village Hall to raise money to support Zofeya and her family on Saturday, September 13. Tickets are £10 each.

Mrs Dorgu added: “It is lovely to have so many people wanting to help and support us and the treatment she has received from the NHS has been amazing.

“We went away for the weekend just gone and she was OK. We had a good time and she will be doing her eighth cycle of chemotherapy at the end of the month.”

To support Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, you can wear a gold ribbon. To obtain one visit