Family’s legal action on holiday camp bug

Peter Maycock and his wife Carol are taking legal action against Butlins
Peter Maycock and his wife Carol are taking legal action against Butlins

Solicitors have launched legal action on behalf of a Dunstable family and more than 200 other holidaymakers after they became ill at the Butlins holiday camp in Bognor Regis.

Following a denial of liability by Butlins’ parent company Bourne Leisure Ltd, court proceedings have been commenced.

Butlins in Bogner Regis

Butlins in Bogner Regis

Peter Maycock, of Luton Road, booked a week-long break at the West Sussex site for himself, his wife, their children and grandchildren in June 2011.

A day after they arrived, two of the youngsters were being sick and then the rest of the family also fell ill.

The 62-year-old said: “The way we were treated when we became ill was disgusting. We were told not to leave our chalets, we were treated like lepars.

“They did not want the new visitors seeing how ill we were. We were told to leave on the Sunday.”

Irwin Mitchell’s illness lawyers, who are representing 219 people struck down by the highly contagious stomach bug, have previously handled cases on behalf of holidaymakers who have suffered serious health problems as a result of outbreaks of illness at hotels and resorts across the world.

Elizabeth Tetzner, at Irwin Mitchell, said: “Our clients have given us worrying accounts of their stays, including concerns regarding cleanliness, standards of food preparation and service as well as their treatment by staff at the site.

“Bourne Leisure Ltd has denied liability and as such our clients have been left with no other option than to issue court proceedings as they seek justice for their ruined holidays.

“We have now commenced formal legal proceedings. Unless an out of court settlement can be achieved on satisfactory terms, these clients’ claims will be determined at trial in court.” 

James Silverstone, PR and social media manager at Butlins, said: “We will robustly defend this speculative action raised at the High Court in Birmingham.

“We operate our resorts to the highest health and safety standards and work closely with the Health and Safety Executive to ensure that our guests’ safety takes priority.

“Our standards of cleanliness and hygiene are recognised throughout the tourist industry world-wide.

“Such is our reputation on health issues that environmental officers from around the UK have described our policies and procedure as outstanding.”

Mr Maycock told the Gazette: “I hope procedures are brought in to improve the resort. It has put me off ever going to Butlins again, it ruined our holiday.”