Fashion fan boots up for quirky charity challenge

Madison Hughes
Madison Hughes

Shoe addict Madison Hughes has a sole choice of footwear for a month-long quirky charity challenge – one pair of ankle boots with killer 4½” heels.

Whether she’s rock-climbing, horse-riding or even cycling, the boots are staying firmly on the Studham fashion fan’s feet.

Madison, 24, of Oldhill Wood, is leaving her other 120 or so pairs of fab footwear in the wardrobe while she raises funds for shoe charity Soles4Souls.

She said: “From the moment I wake up, I put my high heels on and I only get out of them to have a shower or to go to bed!”

Madison, a social media strategist with London creative agency WCRS, has rebranded February as “Febshoeary” for her campaign.

She set out on the challenge after learning that an estimated 300 million children worldwide do not have a pair of adequate shoes. Meanwhile, countless tons of footwear end up on the scrapheap elsewhere.

Madison said: “It’s a basic necessity, but some people go through their lives without having any shoes at all.”

Check out Madison’s daily online diary at to keep in step with her marathon month.

> Donate via her website – £1 adds up to one pair of shoes.