Faye cop role? It’s arresting!

Faye in front of the cameras when filming Steps Reunion for Sky Living
Faye in front of the cameras when filming Steps Reunion for Sky Living

A friend was watching a new DVD of a gangster movie and spotted a familiar face in a cameo role.

Who do you think was among the tough-talking thespians who popped up in the movie, St George’s Day?

None other than Dunstable’s own Faye Tozer!

Faye shot to stardom with the chart-topping pop group Steps, of course.

So this Frank Harper gangster movie isn’t quite how we’re used to seeing her.

But a change is as good as a ar-rest, in this case.

For when my friend checked out the cast list, it said: “Policewoman, Faye Tozer.”

What were the odds that it was a lookalike with the same name?

I contacted Faye via the Twittersphere to double-check that it really was her.

And, nicely brought up former Dunstable girl that she is, she helpfully tweeted back to say that the policewoman is indeed played by her.

She also tweeted: “It was my third film appearance and I enjoy doing little cameos.

“I find the whole film process really fascinating.”

So there you have it. Don’t forget to catch Faye’s cameo in St George’s Day, which has an 18 certificate.

Its stars include Frank Harper in his directorial debut, Craig Fairbrass, Vincent Regan, Neil Maskell, Luke Treadaway, Keeley Hazell, Charles Dance, Jamie Foreman and Ashley Walters.

Praising the movie, BritFlicks.com commented: “The best British gangster film since Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels.”

Betrayal and family loyalty are at the heart of the film.

As for Faye’s role as a good-looking policewoman, that’s what you call “a fair cop”!

“Magic numbers” have been in the news lately, with the coming and going of 12/12/2012.

Interesting dates still to come include 2.15pm on a certain date in December later this year.

So that’s 11/12/13, at 14.15. Then there are the palindrome numbers.

You know – they read the same backwards and forwards.

One to watch will be February 2, in 2020. In other words, 02/02/2020. These are days that really do count...

There was a blizzard of sales for the gorgeous snow globes showing Dunstable scenes, on sale in Clowns.

In fact, they were so popular that they sold out. But the High Street North store can supply more, on request. A donation from each sale goes to the Don’t Let Dunstable Die/Long Live Dunstable team.

Sounds like the globe makers really were snowed under!