Future of ‘Our Place’ is now in your hands

Opening of Mayfield Centre in 2009
Opening of Mayfield Centre in 2009

A new initiative has been launched in Dunstable giving people more power to make the town a better place.

Our Place is a government scheme offering residents the chance to have a say in their local neighbourhood services and budgets.

Dunstable Town Council told the Gazette that it “puts the community at the heart of decision-making to revolutionise the way a neighbourhood works”.

And the council is asking people living in the Downside area of Dunstable to get involved and have their say over the next two weeks.

The council believes there is a need to change the way services are delivered on the estate, especially around health and wellbeing, debt and financial advice.

There are a number of ways residents can get their views across, one of which is by completing anonline questionnaire at https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/CGRMLMF

They can also visit the Mayfield Centre and fill in the questionnaire there as well as pass on their ideas and thoughts to the centre staff.

In addition, the town council will be carrying out consultations at various times and places on the estate and suggestions can also be emailed to info@dunstable.gov.uk.

Chairman of community services, Councillor Pat Staples, said: “Dunstable Town Council is committed to making Dunstable a better place and improving service delivery, so to be able to be part of this national programme is fantastic news.

“It is important for the town council to work closely with the statutory agencies that have responsibility for many of the services as well as the local residents, and Our Place gives us the opportunity to develop effective ways of meeting local needs.

“I would urge anybody living on Downside to take a few moments and either complete the online questionnaire or visit the Mayfield Centre to give their comments on local services.”

For more information on the programme visit:http://mycommunityrights.org.uk/our-place/

Dunstable Town Council manages the Mayfield Centre on the Downside estate and from this venue offers information, advice and guidance to residents.

The centre has been there for a number of years and works directly with different agencies who are responsible for providing services to the local community.