Giraffe Bread? No, it’s not a tall tale!

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Have you tried Tiger Bread? I liked the name for the fresh bloomers (we’re still talking bread here) on sale in Sainsbury’s in Dunstable.

I’d guess the Tiger Bread name came from the variegated colour of the crust.

And slicing it up does give a stripe effect.

Do you want the good news or the bad news? Here goes.

The bad news is, you can’t buy Tiger Bread at the store any more.

The good news is – the much-loved loaves are still on sale.

But now they’re called... Giraffe Bread.

I spotted a notice in the bakery section explaining all this the other day.

It said that a clever suggestion from a customer prompted the name change.

“But don’t worry – it still tastes the same!” the notice said.

I’m sure the store did a roaring trade in Tiger Bread.

But I don’t think the store is sticking its neck out with the name change – loaf lovers are sure to be wild about it.

I’m not having a giraffe with this story – and it really isn’t a tall tale!

I never thought I’d have call to mention former US president Bill Clinton in the Dunstable Gazette.

But never say never. I’ve just heard that Dr Tony Campolo is coming to Dunstable – and he stepped into the spotlight as Bill Clinton’s spiritual advisor.

Now Tony is teaming up with Graham Kendrick, an award-winning worship leader and songwriter, for a special event in Dunstable.

The organisers say Tony is arguably one of the world’s best storytellers and has been sharing his humorous and poignant tales for more than 40 years.

He and Graham are coming to “entertain and challenge” audiences at Dunstable Community Church, at 69 High Street North.

They’ll be there at 7pm on October 20.

Compassion, the child development charity, is hosting the night.

And Tony will be encouraging audiences to rethink their attitude to consumerism, justice and poverty.

You can buy tickets for £10 from or call 029 2051 2247.

Fancy a trip to Dunstable, Mr Clinton?

Dunstable fans of ITV’s Downton Abbey have been having their say about who they think are the most fashionable females in the costume drama. held the survey after it spotted a sales spike in its retro and 1920s-inspired clothing.

The team tell me that among Dunstable people surveyed, 42 per cent said Lady Mary was the most fashionable.

And 21 per cent chose Lady Sybil Crawley, 19 per cent went for Martha Levinson and 18 per cent voted for Lady Cora Crawley.

This smart cast sound like a great outfit...

I chuckled at a snippet in Team Spirit, the Parish of Dunstable Church Magazine.

The October edition included a jokey section asking what kind of vehicles can be found in the Bible.

Here are my favourites.

> David’s Triumph was heard throughout the land.

> Honda... because the apostles were all in one Accord!