L&D’s false teeth and MRSA gaffe

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Luton and Dunstable Hospital has apologised to an elderly patient after losing his false teeth and sending him home with MRSA.

Alzheimer’s sufferer Brian Craddock, 82, spent 12 days in the hospital before being discharged last month without his dentures.

Daughter Fiona wrote a letter of complaint to the hospital’s chief executive. She told the Gazette: “They admitted to losing his teeth, said it happens alot and to just get a quote and they’ll pay for new ones.

“It’s simple in their eyes but upsetting for the family and not fair on the patient.”

The hospital confirmed they will reimburse the cost of replacement dentures, and that Mr Craddock’s case of deadly bug MRSA was not serious.

A spokesman told the Gazette: “We are very sorry indeed to hear that a patient’s false teeth went missing from the ward and that he has contracted MRSA.

We take both of these issues very seriously and apologise unreservedly to Mr Craddock and his family.

“It clearly unacceptable when the service falls short of the high standards we aspire to.”

The hospital also promised to write to Mr Craddock to formally apologise following an investigation into the matter.

They added: “We can confirm that Mr Craddock does not have an MRSA blood infection, although evidence of MRSA was found on his skin.

“MRSA can be on the skin without being a blood infection which is more serious.”