HGV ban is the right way to go

L12-1369    13/11/12'Poynters Road traffic on Monday afternoon.'wk 46 RR JX
L12-1369 13/11/12'Poynters Road traffic on Monday afternoon.'wk 46 RR JX

A group set up to rid Poynters Road of lorries has welcomed Central Beds Council’s proposed ban on HGVs and insisted large vehicles should use ‘purpose-built’ Luton Road.

Poynters Road Action Group is made up of residents of the street that have petitioned in their area for a weight restriction since 2009.

The deadline for objections to the imposition of a 7.5 tonnes weight restriction passed on November 9, and a final decision will be announced by the council shortly.

The group’s Michael Murphy told the Gazette: “Luton Road – the A505 – is purpose-built for lorries.

“It has a non-undulating surface – Poynters Road does not. The A505 also has a noise-reducing road surface.

“I stress that it is the A505, as Poynters Road is not an ‘A’ road.”

Fellow member Linda Hale said: “We can’t sleep in the front rooms of our houses, and we can’t have our windows open because of pollution.

“They knew when they bought their house that it was going to be on a busy road.

“They could say the same about us but when we bought our houses 30 years ago this road wasn’t a route for lorries.”

The group have sent a petition with more than 600 signatures to the council for consideration.

Member Colin Braxton said: “We would have had over 1,000 names but we weren’t told about the deadline extension. We handed it in on October 23.”

Michael added: “I honestly couldn’t sit here and put a case forward from a Luton Road point of view. I can’t believe anyone could argue against us.

“We’re not trying to make their lives more difficult – we’re trying to make our own lives easier.

“We’re not trying to make enemies, that’s not going to help anybody.”

A spokesman for Central Beds Council said: “We know a weight ban has an impact on the surrounding roads so we are working with environmental experts and Luton Borough Council to make sure that the whole of the surrounding area is not adversley affected.”

To follow the outcome of the consultation on the ban, visit www.centralbedfordshire.gov.uk.