Hundreds of holes for highways teams

Motorists are having to avoid holes in Poynters Road
Motorists are having to avoid holes in Poynters Road

Nearly 900 potholes have been reported so far this winter, highways authorities in Luton and Dunstable have said.

Central Bedfordshire Council says it has received 784 pothole complaints, and that 490 have been repaired so far, with all ‘category one’ holes fixed within 24 hours.

“The remaining potholes are either scheduled for long-term repairs or re-surfacing and will be built into a programme of works,” a spokesman said.

The spokesman added: “All across Central Bedfordshire, we seek to maintain our roads and work really hard to keep them in a good condition. Having said that, we’re acutely aware of the impact that weather and general wear and tear can have on them and we know potholes occur.

“Our monthly visits are designed to pick up on severe holes and get them sorted straight away. Potholes can appear in between our routine visits, and we would encourage people to report potholes to the helpdesk as this will help us to address the severe potholes as quickly as possible.”

Luton Borough Council has had 111 potholes reported, and says any that are more than 50mm deep and 150mm wide are fixed within 24 hours.

Councillor Dave Taylor, responsible for environment, said: “Maintaining the quality of Luton’s road network is a priority for the council and our seek and repair units are touring the borough now.

“Residents are also invited to help us by continuing to call or email the council’s highways customer services desk. If you spot a pothole problem, please let us know.”

Since we launched Pothole Watch last week, readers have been getting in touch about problems they have spotted.

Bill Saul emailed about holes at the Asda roundabout at Wigmore. He said: “I’m sick of trying to avoid them as you drive round the roundabout.”

Adam Guest tweeted to say: “Big one on the roundabout outside Someries school this morning causing havoc when combined with the icy conditions.”

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