Jack’s all right as treatment gets rid of his ‘moobs’

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Losing more than three stone in weight was a bitter-sweet experience for Edlesborough man Jack Rollings.

All the hard work had left the 26-year-old car parts technician with confidence-crushing ‘man boobs’.

The realisation that working out in the gym had not paid off left him so miserable about his appearance that he was reluctant to remove his top in front of his family or even wear clothes that he liked.

Fatty deposits on his chest left him disliking his body so much that he reluctantly considered traditional liposuction. But thanks to Jack’s wife, 28-year-old receptionist Jennie, he found a far gentler option in Vaser 4D, a liposuction and body-sculpting treatment carried out under local anaesthetic rather than general.

Jack contacted Dr Ravi Jain, medical director and founder of The Riverbanks Clinic (www.riverbanksclinic.co.uk) and booked himself in for the procedure.

Gynaecomastia, known as ‘moobs’ or ‘man boobs’, is a relatively common condition usually caused by hormonal imbalances between testosterone and oestrogen. It causes one or both breasts to become larger than normal, with signs varying from a small amount of extra tissue around the nipples to more prominent breasts.

Jack said: “I had been overweight for years, so through exercise, diet and lifestyle change I managed to lose over three-and-a-half stone. I felt great about myself at first – losing all that weight was quite exhilarating – but it left me with excess fatty tissue on my chest, which again rocked my confidence. I learned to live with it, but my weight increased a little and with it came more fatty tissue, giving me the appearance of breasts.

“I constantly felt like people were looking at me and I had to wear bigger, baggier clothing to cover myself up.”

Jennie said: “When people meet Jack they all think he’s a confident and outgoing person, which he is, but his issues with his weight knocks his confidence so much behind closed doors. I wish he had done it sooner. The change in him already is amazing. He is so excited and it has given him the boost he needed to start exercising. I never thought in a million years I would see Jack running!”