Kids going to the zoo thanks to Rotary


Dunstable Rotary Club has for more than 20 years organised Kids Out events at Whipsnade Zoo. This year it’s on Wednesday, June 11.

The event covers the whole of the Rotary district encompassing over 50 clubs.Each club is invited to send a number of children with various disabilities, and along with their carers and Rotary volunteers, they spend the day at the zoo.

Dunstable Inner Wheel Club distributes packed lunches provided by a local supermarket.

Each Rotary club pays towards the cost for each child and The Zoological Society of London subsidises the event.

Chris Smith, of Dunstable Rotary Club, said: “It is one of the most worthwhile events in the Rotary calendar. Other districts organise different events but with the same purpose in mind – to give the children a day out.”