Lesson in store as Dunstable school students help Foodbank

Community news
Community news

A group of Year 11 Manshead Upper School pupils spent a day at Sainsbury’s Dunstable packing bags for customers to raise money for the local Foodbank. The store also let the students take part in mock job interviews.

Nadine Lewis-Smith, 15, said: “I found the explanation of the recruitment process interesting and enjoyed the bag-packing more than I expected as most of the people were so nice.”

More than £200 was raised before the group were split into five teams and each given £40 with a shopping list. The teams had to go into the store and buy as much of their assigned list as they could for as little money as possible.

Di Tattman, customer services manager, said: “Throughout all of this, the students learnt the importance of their work for the Foodbank as on average 60 people in Dunstable have to visit the Foodbank every week. It came as a shock when they realised the harsh reality of the world we live in.”