Fancy a dip in the lake, deer? Zoo residents take the plunge to cool down

Barasingha or 'swamp deer' cool themselves down at Whipsnade Zoo

Barasingha or 'swamp deer' cool themselves down at Whipsnade Zoo

During this month’s searing heat, we’re sure most people have thought of diving headfirst into a pool to cool down.

And that’s exactly what the residents of nearby Whipsnade Zoo have been doing to cope with the ongoing heatwave – and they’re originally from the Indian subcontinent!

The animal attraction’s barasingha – also known as swamp deer – have been seen taking a dip in the lake at the warmest points this summer.

The breed is one of India’s largest deer, and the herd forms part of the Passage Through Asia attraction atWhipsnade.

The breed differs from all other Indian deer species in that their antlers carry more than three tines. The name barasingha in fact means ‘12-tined’.

Their yellowish-brown coats are often coloured by mud in the water which they use to keep cool.

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