Harry’s on a roll with skate event

Harry Backhouse has helped organise the competition

Harry Backhouse has helped organise the competition

A Houghton Regis Academy pupil has had his wish of a skate competition come true, with the event taking place on Tuesday, May 27.

Harry Backhouse, 13, is a scooter rider and has organised mini competitions between his friends, but he wanted to get his own skate competition professionally judged.

Children’s Links have helped with his wish and will be organising a family skate, BMX and scooter competition on Tithe Farm Recreation Ground skate park, from 12noon till 3pm.

Angela Evans and Austin Trudgill, community activity rangers at Children’s Links, said: “Harry has helped us decide how the event should look, the categories and the prizes.

“He wants everyone to be involved so even if you don’t want to enter the competition there is lots to do.”

Tracey Backhouse, Harry’s mum, said: “I am so proud of him. A lot of the teenagers around here get bad press. I think he has done really well to push the skate competition and create a good image for teenagers.

“He enjoys doing what he can to promote his local area.”




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