Jobs: Businesses born in recession are ‘more committed to people’

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Businesses born in the depths of the recession are more optimistic and demonstrate greater commitment to developing people than their more established counterparts, a survey says.

The UK Commission Employer Perspectives Survey of 15,000 employers, published by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills, found 71 per cent of young businesses, between one and three years old, are optimistic about their future, compared with only 44 per cent of older businesses (those over three years old).

More than that, around 80 per cent of young growth businesses have recruited new staff in the past year – almost double the overall figure of 43 per cent. Nearly all young growth business provide training for their staff (90 per cent, compared with 73 per cent overall) and they are much more likely to recruit young people and to offer apprenticeships and other formal vocational qualifications.


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