Nifty’s Tattoo studio raises £400 for Children’s Trust

Novice tattoos studio owner for charity

Novice tattoos studio owner for charity

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The owner of Nifty’s Tattoo studio let a novice give him a tattoo to raise money for Precious Kids Children’s Trust on Monday, August 18.

Paul Hughes was asked by the Trust to raise money for a 10-year-old boy.

Luke Beard paid �100 sponsorship to do the tattoo

Luke Beard paid �100 sponsorship to do the tattoo

Russel Duffield, of Dagenham, Essex, was born with cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair because he cannot walk.

His friends and family are trying to raise money so he can realise his dream of being able to walk like his sisters.

The owner of the High Street South studio let a novice, Luke Beard, give him a ‘For Russel’ tattoo on the back of his knee, because he sponsored £100 to do it.

He said: “It was really painful, it didn’t take long, about 15 minutes, but it really hurt.

“It was worth it though because we raised £400 in the end and we had a few people come and watch, I am glad not too many came though.

“I would love to do it again because it was for a really good cause, we like to help charities.”

Russel’s operation is set up over several sessions and once complete he will undertake 18 months of physio therapy to help strengthen his muscles.

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