Repairs to dangerous paths after petition

Irene and Anne, of Priory Park, are glad the paths are going to be repaired

Irene and Anne, of Priory Park, are glad the paths are going to be repaired

Residents in the Priory Park area of Dunstable are relieved that paths outside their homes are being repaired by Central Beds Council after they sent a petition highlighting the danger.

Long Hedge comprises 55 properties for people over the age of 60. Irene, who asked the Gazette not to publish her surname, has lived there for five years. She said: “We have had to deal with this problem for years. I am glad that the council are finally doing something about it.

“Many of the people here struggle to walk and use walking sticks, frames and wheelchairs, which is dangerous on the uneven surface. They can easily trip and fall.

Another resident, Anne, said: “When the councillors came to visit they could see that it would not take much for an elderly person to have a fall.

“They sent someone out last week and they have marked out areas that need improving, I am pleased they are going to resolve the issue.”

Dunstable Manshead Ward councillor Roger Pepworth said: “Areas that are used by elderly people should be kept even as they are more susceptible to falls. We have agreed to support the residents with Central Bedfordshire Council, who are moving quickly to try and resolve the uneven path problem.”

A spokesperson for Central Bedfordshire Council said: “The footways in this small estate will be considered for resurfacing, as are every other footway in Central Bedfordshire when maintenance programmes are being reviewed for future years. In the meantime any dangerous defects reported to us will continue to be inspected and repaired as necessary.”




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