VIDEO: Help for Scout hut which is heading for demolition

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Villagers and local businesses have rallied round Toddington Scouts and donated money after a shocking case of vandalism at their headquarters.

The yobs smashed windows, scrawled obscene graffiti on walls and furniture and started a fire in the hut in Station Road over half term.

At the Explorers meeting on Tuesday night, locals including The Playstop Gym in Toddington and ex-Scouters John Smith and his wife from Luton presented the Explorer Scouts with donations.

Group Scout Leader Karen Calder said: “We now have confirmation that the building is so badly damaged that it is beyond repair and has to be demolished. This is a building that has withstood the war but unfortunately this is now a danger so has to be removed.”

The group had been fundraising for a new hut but had recently decided to refurbish the current hut instead as they couldn’t afford an entire new one.

Sweet Perfection in Toddington is raising money with a ‘name the bunny’ competition in the shop.

Childcare charity in Toddington was also targeted by vandals days after the Scouts.

Staff found toys thrown across the playground, rude words and drawings on the children’s blackboard and a canopy torn down.

Head of Year 5 at Parkfields School in Toddington, Steve Purdom, is organising a bring and buy sale to raise money for the Scouts and Childcare.

Mr Purdom said: “It may not be much, however I was more impressed with the amount of Year 5 children who have come to see me last week to tell me how sad and angry they were about it and wanted to do something to help.

“So many of them are either Cubs or their parents use the childcare services. I just felt it was important for the children to do something and stand up to such mindless acts and feel they are supporting the community and its organisations.”

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