MP: Busway soundproofing has failed

Work to soundproof the £90m Luton and Dunstable Busway has made “!ittle or difference at all”, according to South West Beds MP Andrew Selous.

Luton Borough Council spent between £5,000 and £6,000 on soundproofing work last Tuesday and Wednesday, after a series of noise complaints from residents living close to the track.

Gaps between the beams of the track were filled in to address the problem, though according to Mr Selous the work has had little effect

He told Herald & Post: “I’ve been told that there has been little or no impact.

“I’ve met with residents on Ludon Close (Dunstable) who are having sleepless nights through the noise and the vibrations which can shake through their entire homes.

“It has become a serious problem and it would be best if it could be solved without the need for compensation or the track to be relayed.

“The council has put in effort on this but it is time to go back to the drawing board.”

Before the work was undertaken councillor Dave Taylor said that if successful, soundproofing would be rolled out across other sections of the busway.

This would cost an additional £10,000.

A council spokesperson said: “The works were undertaken overnight on 1-2 July and 2-3 July, and at this stage it is too early to state whether the works have been effective.

“Noise levels were monitored before and after the noise reduction joint fillers were installed and we are awaiting a report from our consultants, which we expect to receive within the next fortnight.”