New repair technique fills more than 1200 potholes

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Potholes across Central Bedfordshire are being filled quickly, thanks to a new repair technique introduced last month.

In the first three weeks the Velocity Patcher fixed more than 1200 large and small potholes on the roads.

It can mend up to 150 per day and can repair one in two minutes, meaning the council do not need to close the road to carry out the work.

The machine operates a three-step process that ‘blows’ the repair material into the pothole, making the process quicker.

Councillor Brian Spurr said: “Maintaining our roads is a key priority for the council. We are leading the way with this technique, which allows us to do more repairs for the same amount of money.

“Recent figures place Central Bedfordshire’s roads as the best in our region and among the best in the country. But we all know that potholes crop up and this machine will go a long way to sorting them out - getting the best possible value for residents and keeping people on the move.”