Quirky and funny stories in the Dunstable area

Anne Stock and one of her own Westies recreate fun photo that appeared in a national newspaper picture special
Anne Stock and one of her own Westies recreate fun photo that appeared in a national newspaper picture special

A whimsical wag made me smile with a national newspaper story on dog-lovers.

Why am I telling you this? Well, a Dunstable dog owner hit the headlines in the entertaining tale.

The article was all about the pet belief that dogs look like their owners – and featured two-legged and four-legged visitors to Crufts,.

Much to my surprise, one of the visitors pictured in the feature was former Dunstable town councillor Anne Stock.

She is a big fan of West Highland terriers, and was pictured with a cute Westie, Sherman, brought along by a breeder.

Anne told me: “The photographer asked if he could take my photograph because he said my hairstyle and the dog’s were similar!”

She was “delighted” to be included in the feature.

“I don’t usually like my photographs, but I did quite like that one!” she said.

The article said Anne and Sherman had “similarly coiffured hairdos”.

Anne, who has a very neat and smart hairstyle, was actually at Crufts to show one of her own lovely Westies, called Charlotte.

The article said that pets really can bear striking resemblances to their owners.

I asked Anne what she thought of that.

She laughed: “I think sometimes you can see that there are similarities between the way they look – but it’s accident, rather than design!”

Anne told me why she has such a soft spot for Westies.

“They have such individual characters, and they are so friendly,” she said.

“They’re good with everybody, children and adults – at least, mine are!”

Can you see a resemblance between yourself and your perfect pooch? If so, I’d love to see your pictures. Just send them to me via the email address above or by post, see page 2 for details.

With enough photographic evidence, we can prove this isn’t just a shaggy dog story...

It’s National Bed Month, and Dunstable’s Holiday Inn Express isn’t sleeping on the job when it comes to joining in the big event.

I hear that the team has been handing out Smart Sleep Kits for guests since Monday.

Each kit includes an eye mask, relaxing body lotion and a soothing herbal tea. And they are being given a “Spot On Slumber Guide” with information including how to set the perfect sleeping temperature.

This month, visitors to the London Road hotel are being encouraged to use their television set to set their alarm and put away mobile phones and other gadgets which distract them from nodding off.

Louise Thrussell, general manager, said: “With nearly half of the UK population getting just six hours sleep or less a night, we hope our Spot On Slumber Guide and Sleep Smart Kits will help our guests create a truly peaceful atmosphere in their hotel room..”

Hmm. When it comes to helping guests get a good night’s sleep, this team won’t be caught napping!

Have you checked out the new greengrocer’s in High Street North, Dunstable, yet?

It’s in the line of shops near Argos.

All sorts of fruit and veg are on show, including eye-catching ‘pomelos’ (they’re closely related to grapefruit) in the window.

How nice to see another new store in the High Street.

This greengrocer’s efforts are sure to bear fruit...