Quirky and funny stories in the Dunstable area

Pastor Alan Sutton, chairman of the Dunstable Foodbank trustees, is pictured with Howard Francis, foodbank warehouse manager

Pastor Alan Sutton, chairman of the Dunstable Foodbank trustees, is pictured with Howard Francis, foodbank warehouse manager

The aisles are heaving in every supermarket in every town in Britain today.

Dunstable is no exception, of course, with hordes of shoppers heading for food stores for last-minute stock-ups for Christmas. Phew.

For the fortunate, Yuletide kitchen cupboards are packed tight as a drum.

Like old Mother Hubbard, no-one wants to get there and find the cupboard is bare.

A friend tells me she braved throngs of stressed-out shoppers at one Dunstable store yesterday (Monday).

The store was heaving. The car park was gridlocked.

But hey, it’s Christmas. So did the staff tear their hair out? No.

They handed out free mince pies instead.

What a stroke of genius! Keep calm and carry on eating mince pies...

P.S. Spare a thought for Dunstable Foodbank, which is doing its best to stop people from going hungry in a short-term cash crisis.

The people helped by the team are given vouchers by a long list of professional sources, including GPs, Dunstable and District Citizens Advice Bureau and social services.

They can exchange vouchers for enough food for three days in each of three weeks.

If you’d like to make a difference in 2014, check out www.dunstable.foodbank.org.uk.

You can see a ‘shopping list’ of food items that the foodbank would welcome as donations, and details of other ways to help. Food for thought.

Dunstable’s card shops have been crammed with Christmas cards of all styles and sizes, with stunning seasonal scenes and witty words.

And one particular type of card that I spotted really did make me smile.

What did it say? Merry Christmas from The Bump!

If you get one of these, don’t forget to send one back.

The sender is eagerly expectant...

Thugs, Assassins, Angels and Cream Cheese.

No, that’s not my Christmas list.

It’s the title of a local history talk – just one of the tempting topics in the 2014 programme for Dunstable’s Tea Time Tales.

The topics never fail to fascinate, with more variety than a Pick ‘n’ Mix counter.

What’s coming up next year? The first session, on January 9, is called Intelligence Services, Part I.

All sorts of local history topics are covered in the programme, including wall paintings on show in Priory House, the Bedfordshire Regiment, and entertainment and sport in Dunstable.

But there’s also the intriguing A Thousand Miles Up The Amazon; Through The Himalayas Part II; and Puzzles Unlimited.

As for Thugs, Assassins, Angels and Cream Cheese, that’s all about strange religious beliefs. It isn’t until September 18, but it’s sure to be worth the wait.

Priory House, the heritage and tourism centre in High Street South, is the venue.

The talks are on alternate Thursdays, from 2.30pm-4pm.

And tickets (buy them in advance) are £4.75, which includes tea or coffee – and a pastry. What’s not to like?

I’ve been having fun with pre-Christmas crackers.

Here’s my favourite cracker joke so far. “What does a ghost like for dinner? Ghoul-ash...”

Groan. Hope your Christmas goes with a bang!




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