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Display of Eversew Little goods, at Priory House, Dunstable

Display of Eversew Little goods, at Priory House, Dunstable

Did you have a good Christmas? Mine was lovely, thanks for asking!

I took visitors on a whistle-stop history tour of Dunstable with my nearest and dearest at a time when Priory House was closed.

I told them it was one of the jewels in Dunstable’s crown, and I was sorry that I couldn’t show them the fabulous interior of the heritage and tourist information centre.

We peeped in the windows as best we could, but it wasn’t quite the same.

But we found ourselves in Priory Gardens again on Saturday (December 28) – and Priory House was open.

In we hastened, and much admiration ensued about the gorgeous vaulted stone ceiling in the 13th century undercroft, and the beautiful building in general.

We enjoyed a cuppa, took a look at the Tudor wall paintings on show upstairs, and I stocked up on some local goodies in the shop.

People unfamiliar with the town don’t always realise what gems we have dotted about here and there.

We were proud to show our visitors the historic Middle Row buildings.

And even the Priory Church was open, so we could take them in to see the glorious interior.

Going back to Priory House, it’s great that it also acts as a showcase for crafts and goodies made in the area.

I fell in love with the display of the Eversew Little range in the gift shop, handmade goods made from beautiful fabric, and personalised cushions made to order.

Dunstable Town Council’s Facebook page says they are made by Heather Dunne, of Dunstable.

I liked them so much that I thought I’d share a picture of them with you.

Don’t forget, you can show your support for the centre by joining the Friends Of Priory House And Gardens.

They have a website, www.friendsofprioryhouse.co.uk, and they aim to support, promote and fundraise for the listed building and its stunning setting.

Taking our visitors on a quick history tour brought home to me everything I love about Dunstable.

What a great note on which to end 2013. Here’s to a bright 2014 for the town.

What did you unwrap from under the Christmas tree?

The British Heart Foundation tells me that celebrity weight loss DVDs are the most unwanted Christmas gift for people in our region.

Apparently, more than 60 per cent of people surveyed by BHF shops said they received at least one unwanted gift each Christmas.

And 35 per cent said a celebrity weight loss DVD would top their unwanted gift list.

Onesies were a close second in the don’t-want list, followed by Christmas jumpers.

But I love onesies and Christmas jumpers! Weight loss DVDs? Not so much.

There’s a reason why they’re telling us this, of course, and it’s a worthy one.

The charity team have launched their Unwanted Christmas Gifts Appeal.

Your don’t-want gifts are somebody else’s must-haves.

So the team are urging you to give your don’t-wants to charity this year.

Sounds like a great way to help charity “at the present time”...

Today’s the day for New Year Resolutions. I’ve resolved not to make any! Happy New Year, everyone.




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