PCC finalises plans to restore Dunstable Police Station

Dunstable Police Station currently costs �256,000 a year to run
Dunstable Police Station currently costs �256,000 a year to run

Draft plans to revitalise Dunstable Police Station with more staff have been finalised.

The West Street station– which was rumoured for closure– is currently used at just 15% of its capacity with annual running costs of £256,000, though it houses the force’s reserve custody capacity and Mr Martins has said that it is ideally located to “cope with the anticipated residential growth of the area”.

Meanwhile the PCC’s five-year estates strategy, unveiled on Thursday, gives an unclear picture of the future for Houghton Regis Police Station.

The base is used at 45% of its capacity and plans are now being put into place to find a more centrally located site.

Mr Martins has admitted that this is “not currently a high priority” as sale of the station would only bring in a “modest” income for the force, while annual running costs of £30,000 are lower than other stations in line for the chop.

Mr Martins said: “We’ve done our homework and it’s abundantly clear that the public would rather protect visible frontline policing than save redundant and underused police buildings.

“Footfall data shows that beyond the three busier urban stations in Bedford, Dunstable and Luton, front desks at other stations are visited by an average of just four callers per day, the vast majority of which for routine matters that could have been managed by other means.”