Plea for 20mph limit to combat speed ‘menace’

Poynters Road was closed for almost 11 weeks for improvement works last year
Poynters Road was closed for almost 11 weeks for improvement works last year

Neighbours in one of Dunstable’s busiest streets are calling for a 20mph speed limit and traffic calming to slow down “anti-social” drivers.

A protest petition has been signed by 168 residents in Poynters Road, which was closed for almost 11 weeks last summer for road improvements.

The petition, from the Poynters Road Action Group, states: “Since the road has been reopened, we are increasingly aware of the increase of speed.

“This anti-social menace has to stop, therefore we are petitioning all the relevant authorities to reduce the speed to 20mph and to introduce traffic calming measures which would include zebra crossings along the length of Poynters Road.”

The petition will go before a Central Beds Council traffic management meeting today, Wednesday, January 29.

A council officer’s report to the meeting suggests looking “in the shorter term” at possibly installing average speed cameras in the busy road.

It says the council is working towards bringing in a 7.5 tonne weight limit for the street no later than the opening of the planned new Woodside Link road.

The report states: “Ultimately, the intention for Poynters Road is that the bulk of the heavy goods vehicles will be prohibited. Once that has been implemented, there will be additional options that will be available in respect of traffic speed restraint methods, such as zebra crossings, 20mph limits, etc.

“Currently to attempt to reduce speeds without sufficient engineering features to make either the current 30mph speed limit or a reduced 20mph limit self-enforcing would be noisy, expensive and unlikely to be popular with residents once implemented.”

It suggests fully evaluating the average speed cameras idea after April this year.

The report says: “Funding will be available in the 2014/15 financial year to look at new cameras sites and Poynters Road would appear to be a priority for installation of this equipment.

“It is also proposed that the speeds and volumes of traffic on Poynters Road should be monitored at least annually and that Poynters Road remains a priority route for funding in a future local transport plan for both the HGV ban and additional traffic restraint works once this has been implemented.”