Quirky and funny stories in the Dunstable area

Cyclist Andrea White outside the Travel Choices Hub in Dunstable
Cyclist Andrea White outside the Travel Choices Hub in Dunstable

I’m sure most of you have spotted a Dunstable link in an advert before the ITV national weather.

For those who haven’t, the Seven Seas advert shows a jolly lady of a certain age bobbing up and down behind a hedge, arms outflung, on a garden trampoline.

As she gleefully soars and plummets, she cries: “Who cares if it’s dull in Dunstable! Woo! My cheeks are glowing!”

The advert, for Seven Seas Pure Cod Liver Oil products, sponsors the weather reports and has been doing the rounds for quite a while.

Hmm. “Dull” has more than one meaning, of course.

And I’ve heard a few people wondering if the leaping lady is implying life in Dunstable isn’t a thrill a minute.

Perish the thought. But “dull in Dunstable” does have a depressing ring to it.

Maybe Seven Seas’ next advert could have the leaping lady jumping for joy, crying: “Woo hoo! It’s bright in Bedfordshire!”

Then while we waited for the weather reports, we’d all be on cloud nine...

Have you ever seen the cheery cyclist pictured on this page?

Andrea White is a familiar sight as she cycles around Dunstable with her trailer.

Now Central Bedfordshire’s Travel Choices team tells me she is an inspiration for would-be cyclists.

Apparently, Andrea is a full-time health assistant for the elderly, an Avon representative, and is a regular cyclist who is a “ride leader” for the travel team, too.

Phew. What a busy lady. (The trailer is very handy for delivering Avon brochures and collecting orders, in case you were wondering).

She hasn’t always been a keen cyclist.

But once she did discover a real passion for pedalling, she started cycling regularly – and lost 3st!

Now that’s what I call an incentive to take to the open road on two wheels.

She cycles to work at the Luton & Dunstable Hospital, at a leisurely pace, in just 20 minutes.

And she enjoys the freedom and the sociable side of cycling, as well as feeling much healthier. What’s not to like?

Andrea has this good advice for would-be cyclists– wear brighter clothing when you’re on your bikes, and make sure you have good lights.

“I’d also like to see more cycle parking in the town centre, as I notice more cyclists around and it needs to be easier for people to opt to use their bike over their car,” she says.

Now she is helping to promote the work of the Travel Choices Hub in Ashton Square, Dunstable.

All in all, Andrea is a wheel inspiration!

Still talking about healthy ways to get out and about, I like the “Walk It” feature on the travel choices website, www.cbtravelchoices.co.uk.

Tell “Walk It” where you’re walking from and to, and you’re given a route, journey time, calorie burn, step count and carbon-saving.

It said if I walked (at a medium rate) from Friars Walk to George Street, in Dunstable, I’d cover 0.6 miles in 11 minutes, and take 1,300 steps.

I’d burn 53 calories AND save 0 .18kg CO2 compared to a car trip.

Mind you, I don’t think it took into account the time spent waiting for the pedestrian crossing lights to change!

Sounds like just the right kind of “step change” for jaded January...