Quirky and funny stories in the Dunstable area

Landlady Nikki Fuller and Tony Bignell
Landlady Nikki Fuller and Tony Bignell

A special CD really does ring a bell with “the inn crowd” at a village hostelry.

For the cheery crowd at The Bell Inn, Studham, turned “notes into notes” by recording the CD to raise cash for Keech Hospice Care.

And I hear that those stepping up to the microphone for the fundraising fun included regulars who are familiar faces from the showbiz scene.

For the festive tunes in the Christmas At The Bell CD included a new exclusive song.

It was written and performed by singer/songwriter Katie Buckhaven, and the song is called Love Song To A Snowman.

The line-up of superb singers also included actor Tony Bignell, of BBC Three television sitcom Coming Of Age.

He happily sang a couple of songs for the CD and encouraged other people to record tracks, too.

Landlady Nikki Fuller said: “We have some superb talent who sing here and I thought we could put this to good use.”

Nikki added: “I had great support from everyone and want to thank all who were involved.”

The team would also like to thank everyone who bought and enjoyed the CD.

The Bell CD raised a very welcome final tally of £715 (you might say that was “all toll-ed”). Well done, everyone.

This is one CD that really is ap-pealing...

I wonder what the most talked-about topic was in Dunstable on Saturday, January 25.

I’ll take a wild guess and say it was the weather.

What a racket there was as hailstones hammered down from the heavens.

It was still daytime but it was so dark that I was tempted to draw the curtains.

Never mind. I’ve just spotted one of the first signs of spring – the new Argos catalogue is out!

Boo! Don’t forget the Ghost Walk in Dunstable, on Sunday, February 2.

With ghostly tales of knights, slaves and a headless soldier, the Priory House heritage centre says the walk is not for the faint-hearted!

The walk starts at 5pm in the car park next to the Priory Church and it will last for about an hour.

But remember, you must buy tickets in advance, £5 each, from Priory House, High Street South, Dunstable.

Drop in for all the details or ring 01582 891420.

Or you could just email prioryhouse@dunstable.gov.uk.

A ghost walk in the dark? That sounds like just the thing to keep “the spirits” up...

I love the sound of a special bike that was tried out by guests at the first anniversary celebrations for the Travel Choices Hub, in Ashton Square, Dunstable.

So what was so special about it?

It was a “smoothie” bike.

No, it wasn’t a cycle guaranteeing you a bump-free ride.

This “smoothie bike” was a static cycle attached to a pedal-powered liquidiser!

Well, you do need a bit of balance in your diet.

What fun. You can see a picture of Dunstable mayor Councillor John Chatterley trying it out on page 17 of your Gazette today.

And the story tells you all about the Travel Choices project, too.

All in all, the Ashton Square base really has been a “hub” of activity!