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Crime writer Louise Welsh. Picture by Steve Lindridge of www.idealimages.co.uk/
Crime writer Louise Welsh. Picture by Steve Lindridge of www.idealimages.co.uk/

A special visitor coming to Dunstable Library is best known for her life in crime.

But fear not, there’s no need to call 999.

Still don’t have a clue about who’s coming?

The plot thickens. But here’s the denouement.

This visitor to our town library is... the acclaimed crime writer Louise Welsh.

She is coming to Dunstable to talk about her latest book, A Lovely Way to Burn.

Sounds like a hot topic. I do love a good crime novel.

The celebrated author will be at the library at 1.30pm on Saturday, March 29.

Louise, who lives and works in Glasgow, has written six novels and umpteen short stories, and she has also written for radio and stage.

Her latest book, a BBC Radio 4 Book At Bedtime, is set in London amid an epidemic.

It tells the story of TV presenter Stevie Flint who returns home to find the dead body of her boyfriend Dr Simon Sharkey. Yikes.

Everyone assumes he has died from the pandemic known as The Sweats – but Stevie is convinced otherwise.

Tickets are just £1.50, which includes refreshments.

To book tickets, call the library team on 0300 300 8056 or just drop in.

You can find out more about Louise on her website www.louisewelsh.com

Take a look to learn all about Louise.

Her life is an open book...

I’ve been tweeting a certain football fan in the States.

Why? Well, I was intrigued by Dan Crooke’s Twitter profile, the brief description that tweeters give about themselves.

His profile says: “The only Dunstable Town fan in the States....Damn.

“Feeding my football addiction at FC Dallas. “

Through the magic of Twitter, I asked Dan to tell me a little more about himself.

Dan’s wife is American, and they have been living in Dallas for almost two years.

He told me: “I’m from Luton originally, and attended the Steve Brinkman benefit game at Creasey Park.

“It seemed a great little club so I started going when Luton played away.

“Eventually I gave up my season ticket at Luton to watch Dunstable home and away with The Regiment.”

But crossing the Atlantic hasn’t stopped him supporting the club.

Now he follows them from the USA.

From Dunstable to Dallas, the Blues’ fame is going global.

I’m sure they’re delighted with that – in fact, they’ll be over the moon!

There have been cautionary tales a-plenty about drivers accidentally ending up on the Luton and Dunstable Guided Busway.

So I wasn’t surprised to see a post on the Don’t Let Dunstable Die Facebook page, about yet another mishap involving a misguided motorist.

But wait – was this in Luton or Dunstable?

Neither. This time, the navigational nightmare was... in Australia.

A picture on the Brisbane Times website showed a stranded car on tracks.

And the headline? “Memo to drivers on the Gold Coast: the light rail tracks are for trams.”

I smiled at the post on the DLDD page, which pointed out: “It doesn’t only happen on our busway.”

Seems that drivers everywhere can end up on the wrong track!