Share your sad stories

Blackbright News founder Myrna Loy
Blackbright News founder Myrna Loy

THERE’S a new agony aunt service available online.

Luton-based Blackbright News founder and managing editor Myrna Loy said: “The magazine has changed its remit.

“We’re going to help people of any race, creed or culture who are in a dark place to see the light.

“If they send in their stories, a qualified counsellor will respond within seven days.

“We’ll also publish the answers to their concerns to help our readers.

“Submissions will be anonymous, identified by experience only.”

She added: “We need to hear from people who have had a dark past, who have suffered physical, emotional and physical pain and are willing to share how they came out the other side and now have a brighter future.

“Many of us have had terrible and embarrassing experiences and have felt we would never get through them, but we did.”

The poet and author is also a qualified counsellor and teacher.

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