Summit to do to help boys enjoy their jamboree!

Liam and Harry in front of climbing wall
Liam and Harry in front of climbing wall

Two Scouts have climbed the height of Japan’s highest mountain to raise money for a trip of a lifetime to next year’s World Scout Jamboree.

Sponsored walk? Sponsored swim? Sponsored silence? Not enough for Liam Thingsaker and Harry Britten, who scaled the equivalent of Mount Fuji on their fundraising mission.

The boys, members of Studham, Kensworth and Whipsnade Scout Group, climbed for four hours, two minutes and 51 seconds on a rotating wall at Tolmers Scout Camp in Potters Bar. Between them they reached an impressive 12,389ft.

Liam’s mum, Helen, said: “It was by no means an easy task and I don’t think they had appreciated how hard it would be. I am very proud of their achievement.”

The boys expect to raise around £700 each to help them attend the World Scout Jamboree in Japan in 2015.

Harry, 13, and Liam, 14, will join 25 Scouts from Bedfordshire, seven Guides from East Anglia and two Guides from Gibraltar when they travel to Japan for three-and-a-half weeks next summer.

The unit held their first camp last month, with the emphasis on getting to know each other. They also built up their fitness levels to prepare for the demanding physical conditions of the Jamboree.

Unit leader, Phil Wood, said: “Harry and Liam have done brilliantly. They have shown a great deal of determination to complete this challenge and it will surely encourage the rest of the group to start fundraising, while getting fit and having fun.”

For more information about the Jamboree, follow @wsj_beds2015 on Twitter.

Volunteer leaders Jerome Doyle from Luton and Lizzy Nay from Suffolk will join in the fundraising later on in the year when they run five half marathons to raise cash for the unit.