Travel back in time for memories of Dunstable

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Community news

If you’re in Dunstable town centre on Friday (July 25), you can travel back in time and enjoy the memories of local pensioners .

An audio artwork called Time Travellers of Dunstable explores the idea of ageing as a form of time travel.

And the public will be able to listen to the recorded stories of a group of elderly people at special coloured circular time travel portals or audio zones at three central locations.

Created with the help of nearly 40 people from Dunstable, including residents of Furness Avenue retirement/sheltered housing, workshops were conducted over a six week period.

They gave residents the opportunity to share, reminisce and record their memories and stories of the town in the past and present, including their thoughts on the years ahead.

Just like listening to a radio broadcast, these memories can be heard from 11am to 3pm on Friday at Ashton Square (the clock tower), The Quadrant shopping centre and Vernon Place (outside the library).

A guide will be on hand to provide headphones and artist Julie Myers will be there to talk about the work over a cup of tea.

Julie, who lives in London and Berlin, explained: “In Time Travellers of Dunstable local people’s memories are made accessible via the technology of the modern world.

“The artwork has been a process of development through which local pensioners came together in workshops to exchange and share stories which were then recorded.

“In the town centre three large-scale, coloured graphic ‘portals’ will be installed to allow the public to experience the past in the present – listening to reminiscences while watching everyday life happen around them.”

The event was commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts and funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation.

Memories include: “We spent the summer running wild in the woods and the fields, sometimes playing in the fountain at the Cali pool in our knitted bathing suits.”

Another memory: “I was about nine years old. I heard the drone of an aeroplane above my head.

“I looked up and saw a German bomber, a Dornier, flying very low over the rooftops. It was so low that I could see the pilot’s face smile at me.”

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