Traveller and gipsy sites plan

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Fresh public consultation on the updated Central Beds draft local plan regarding gipsies and travellers started on Monday, February 17.

The six-week consultation on the plan, which includes proposed new sites, runs through to March 31.

Various changes have been made to the draft plan and to the list of sites.

But the proposal regarding Green Vale, on the A5 south of Dunstable, is unaltered.

Nine pitches are still proposed at Green Vale, where a number of traveller families already live, and a caravan sales business operates.

Central Beds Council will submit the draft plan to the relevant Secretary of State later this year, along with the consultation feedback.

Executive councillor Nigel Young said: “We listened to what residents said in our last round of consultation and have made changes to the plan as a result.

“What we want to do now is to make sure that everyone has had the chance to have their say.

“If you made a representation last time around and haven’t got anything new or different to say now, that will still count and go forward to the Secretary of State.

“But if you have something new you’d like to comment on, please do so before March 31 so we can compile everything and pass it on.”

Mr Young said the questionnaire has been simplified.

He emphasised that comments need to be based on the level of “soundness” and legal compliance of the plan, as these are the criteria under which it will be assessed.

Definitions of those terms are on the council website and in supporting documents.

> See consultation documents and comment online at

Obtain response forms from that website, Central Beds Council offices and libraries. People can also contact the planning team on 0300 300 8307 or email to request paper copies.