VIDEO: Pressing engagement for pupils in academy ‘crash scene’ drama

There were dramatic scenes on an academy playground in Dunstable, as firefighters and police rushed to a “crash”

involving a car and a bike.

Priory Academy stages 'road crash' scene

Priory Academy stages 'road crash' scene

But happily, this emergency was just a specially set-up scene at Priory Academy.

Lots of young aspiring reporters were on hand – for the pupils had to take notes and interview witnesses.

The idea was to drive home a key message to pupils – the vital importance of wearing a cycle helmet.

And the academy, in Britain Street, also wanted to give the children a better understanding of how emergency services work together to deal with accidents.

The afternoon was linked to Year 6 pupils’ journalism studies, part of their English lessons. They were keenly interested in the event, which provided plenty of inspiration for their articles.

A school spokeswoman said: “It was an amazing experience for everybody involved, one that nobody will forget!”