Wanted: Wolf Boy or Wolf Girl

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Circus of Horrors is looking for a Wolf Boy or Wolf Girl to join the production for the UK tour, which comes to the Grove Theatre on February 9.

The theatre show already has a Wolf Boy from Mexico, but new government legislation stipulates all jobs must be advertised in the UK on websites and with Job Centre Plus.

All applicants must be genuine, with a minimum of 60,000 hairs growing on their face and linking up with the hairline.

Hair on the head is not included in the specification.

People with beards or wearing masks will not be accepted, although a woman with a beard may be considered, for different job opportunities.

The show’s creator Dr Haze said: “It’s a strange state of affairs, we’re pretty sure there are not any Wolf Boys or Girls in the UK but we still have to advertise the job over here, the thing is the applicant must be a genuine Wolf person.”

All applicants must also have Circus skills to a high standard.

The job will run from January 10 to March 23 where the Circus of Horrors, which is now in its 18th year of existence, will perform in 57 different venues from Jersey to Aberdeen.

For further information and interview opportunities please contact Asia on 0208 540 8122.