Whipsnade Zoo’s human star of TV animal show

Senior Whipsnade Zoo keeper Siobhan Sellwood-Brown with rhino.
Senior Whipsnade Zoo keeper Siobhan Sellwood-Brown with rhino.

A zookeeper from Eaton Bray has been one of the human stars of the latest series of popular ITV documentary The Zoo.

Senior keeper Siobhan Sellwood-Brown, 27, grew up in Park Lane in the village and has worked at Whipsnade Zoo since 2005.

The programme’s millions of viewers have seen Siobhan feeding and cleaning a group of Asian rhinos and even attempting the sometimes lengthy task of bringing male and female rhinos together for mating.

Since 2010, The Zoo’s makers have been given unique behind-the-scenes access to Whipsnade Zoo, filming the keepers through the ups and downs that go along with caring for nearly 3,000 animals at the 600-acre site.

Before becoming a zookeeper Siobhan worked with horses at a riding school and spent a lot of time competing in horse shows.

She said: “It was quite nerve-wracking having the film crew around to begin with, but I have enjoyed it and it’s nice to show people what it’s really like working at Whipsnade Zoo.

“I hope the viewers were able to see that each of the animals has their own individual character.

“ I find my job so rewarding and every day is different. I can’t see myself ever doing anything else.” The fourth series of The Zoo was shown at the prime time of 8pm on three consecutive Sundays, ending on August 24.

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