Woman’s lucky escape as tree felled in high winds

A Dunstable charity worker had a lucky escape when she managed to stop her car just a metre from a falling tree.

Sally Martin, of Churchill Road, Dunstable, was returning home from work at around 1.30pm on Wednesday, when a 40ft fir tree fell in front of her car on West Street.

L14-171 Tree down West Street Dunstable. 'Lynn Hughes'JR 7'12.2.14

L14-171 Tree down West Street Dunstable. 'Lynn Hughes'JR 7'12.2.14

The 26-year-old, who works for children’s charity Kids in Action, stopped her Peugeot 107 just in time.

“The tree made no noise,” she said. “It was windy and rainy and it just went.

“It didn’t make any noise when it landed. It came down quite quickly.

“I can laugh about it now but it’s lucky no-one was hurt.”

Sally was taken into the nearby cemetery office and given a cup of tea while neighbours who had been warning residents on West Street to move their cars during the day because of fears for the trees falling during Wednesday’s storm, checked her car.

“I think I went into a bit of shock when I got home,” she said.

William Roe and his neighbours on West Street had been warning about the risks of falling trees after nearby paving slabs started to lift because of the bad weather.

Council contractors removed the tree and others at risk, on Wednesday.