Work on leisure centre pool going swimmingly

Swimming pool work begins
Swimming pool work begins

Contractors are to start work on the swimming pool at Houghton Regis Leisure Centre on Tuesday before its planned reopening in time for the summer holidays.

After securing a new leisure management contract for the centre, Central Beds Council is improving the pool-side facilities.

Initial work has already started on renewing the pumps and improving water circulation.

Cllr Brian Spurr said: “There’s been a lot of background work to develop a leisure strategy to help us plan for the future, as well as negotiations on this contract which means we can reopen the pool.

“So it’s really great to see that this work has led to a point where we will see contractors on site and it won’t be too long before people can enjoy the new facilities.

“When we did our £100k refurbishment of the gym in 2011, the user numbers shot up and people were really impressed with the facility. To have the swimming pool open again opens up all sorts of physical activity opportunities in the area.”

As well as a new roof in the changing area, there will be complete refurbishment of the wetside changing rooms, an accessible changing room to improve facilities for those with disabilities and a more open foyer area.

Work to the pool includes replacement of filter media, circulation pumps and drains as well as a new chemical dosing system and other safety features.

Cllr Spurr added: “We’ll be trying to keep disruption to a minimum and people should be able to carry on going to their classes or to the gym without too much inconvenience.

“If there are any issues please speak to leisure centre staff who can help but we hope people agree that it’ll be worth the wait.”