Kevin Bryan’s record reviews
Ewan McLennan,”Stories Still Untold” (Fellside FECD 263)­ Ewan McLennan’s rousing renditionof his own “Whistling the Esperanza” was one of the highlights of BBC4’s excellent “Transatlantic Sessions” series, and the Scottish singer­songwriter’s third Fellside album is another musical tour de force,showcasing a finely judged assortment of self­penned songs and haunting traditional material. “A Beggar” and the Chartist hymn,”Song of the Lower Classes” are particularly memorable efforts, and Ewan also invests compelling ditties such as “ Prince Robert” and “Granite Cage” with a power and passion which puts me in mind of the great Dick Gaughan in his pomp,and you can’t really ask for a higher recommendation than that.

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