Rock into Little Shop Of Horrors for an out of this world musical experience

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Gardeners were no doubt making the most of the sunshine over the Bank Holiday weekend, tending to their blossoming flowers and sowing their seeds.

Finding the odd slug in your cabbage patch or a mouse in the shed is par for the course, but how about a giant man-eating plant from outer space nestled among the blooms?

In TADS latest production Little Shop Of Horrors that’s exactly what happens.

The Toddington theatre group perform the classic comedy musical, about “Audrey”, the people-eating plant who is taken in by a down-at-heel shop assistant, Seymour. Through the innocent-looking but most unusual plant, Seymour finds romance, success and fame - but his new friendship has a sinister underside.

David Sachon from TADS said: “Spring is the time to be thinking about sifting and sowing, planting and nurturing. But for members of Toddington’s theatre group TADS, there’s a bit more involved in hothousing their forthcoming production.

“It’s more a case of painting than planting, singing than sowing, and the plant that is currently lying dormant in someone’s garage is hardly a welcome addition to anyone’s prize greenhouse collection.

“It is, to say the least, unusual. In fact, ‘It’ is completely the wrong term in which to describe this particular specimen. She is most definitely a unique species. Quite out of this world, one might say...”

Little Shop Of Horrors is a fantastic blend of humour, romance, superb songs and great characters, including a giant bloodthirsty plant who can rock the joint, and a dentist whose moral values and mental stability can only be described as questionable.

Based on the low-budget 1960s black comedy film of the same name, this is a musical not to be missed.

Just don’t expect Gardeners’ World.

At TADS Theatre in Conger Lane, Toddington.May 10, 11, 17 and 18.

For tickets call the box office on 07952 633234 or go to