Luton-born CBeebies presenter takes to the stage as Dandini in Cinderella

Children’s TV presenter Andy Day is currently starring in the Alban Arena’s pantomime Cinderella.

Thursday, 26th December 2013, 4:00 pm

I met up with the CBeebies star after a recent performance of the show where he revealed a little-known fact... he hails from Luton!

Andy was born at the L&D and went to William Austin School briefly, before his family moved away from the town.

Here’s a little Q&A with the man who’s playing Dandini alongside Gareth Gates’ Prince Charming at the St Albans venue.

Q. What do you recall of your time in Luton?

A. I wish I could remember more, but I left so early. I remember having a best friend called Brett, and I remember the look of my playschool, but not the name and I remember making decorations at Christmas.

Q. How long did you live in Luton and where are you based now?

My family lived in Luton for ten years of which I was there for five. We then moved to Essex and they are still there. I live in Bristol now on a narrowboat, which I don’t fit in!

Q.Have you ever been back to Luton or got links to the town still?

A. I went back to the library theatre where we performed my show Andy and Mike’s Big Box of Bananas. Also I went back to find some of my mum’s old friends as I was making a film for her 60th birthday.

Q. You’re playing Dandini this time, but have played an Ugly Sister in Yeovil. Which role do you prefer?

A. Two very different roles. I loved playing the Ugly Sister as I was with my best friend Mike, but equally I love Dandini and his one-liners.

Q. How hard is panto work? Is it easy to learn all those lines?

A. I don’t find it hard to learn lines too much as I am used to it. Panto is hard work but very enjoyable.

Q. Ever had an embarrassing panto moment?

A. I know I have had plenty, but my mind is blank to think of even one of them!

Q. What’s your favourite gag in the Alban Arena show?

A. I’m a black belt, before that I had a brown belt, and before that my trousers fell down!

Q. How did you end up on CBeebies?

A. I auditioned in 2006/07. It was an open audition. I always wanted to work in children’s TV as soon as I decided that I wanted to be a performer.

Q. What are your future plans?

A. Andy’s Dinosaur Adventures is coming out in February. I have a children’s album coming out next year, and then take every day as it comes!

Q. Luton often gets a bad press. Do you think it’s deserved?

I don’t think any place deserves bad press. It just gets readers/viewers seeing it in a negative way. Make up your own mind I say!

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